Noticeboard – Community Information

This page was created to deal with the deluge of information which arrived relating to the Coronavirus pandemic.  It now focuses on more general information which might also appear on parish noticeboards.

Emergency Information Sheet Nov 2023 – Murton Parish Council 

In the event of an emergency or major incident affecting the community, eg power cut, snowstorm, high winds, the first lines of contact are outlined in this document which has been forwarded to local authorities and emergency services.

17.05.2024  Adult learning – Improve your maths skills – Functional Skills Maths Assessments – Poster

17.05.2024  Free Home Energy Advice Green Doctor Leaflet

03.05.2024  Information provided by the speaker at this year’s Annual Parish Meeting on 29 April  http://Stop! Think Fraud – How to stay safe from scams (

03.05.2024  Advice from W&F Council – 27430 WFC Damp and Mould Guide

29.04.2024  Help to Claim Universal Credit

02.04.2024  Adult Learning Course List in Penrith Area Summer 2024

26.03.24  North West Ambulance Service are looking for volunteer car drivers  (video)

23.01.2024  Here are the links for Priority Service Registers:  Power – Electricity NW     Water – United Utilities

23.01.2024  W&FC Advice on preparing for emergencies

23.01..2024  Are landlines being phased out?  Age UK’s update on changes to landlines and how it may affect you, eg emergency calls

20.12.23  WFC Winter Advice for Families with Babies – FINAL

19.10.23  Information about changes to postal and proxy vote ID arrangements  Absent Voter Registration ID Changes FINAL 181023

13.08.23  Renewable Energy http://Cumbria Association of Local Councils: About Parish Councils : Community Energy Town and Parish Support Pack

04.08.23  Information about the 80th Anniversary of D-Day on 6 June 2024.  D-Day 80 Anniversary Guide v105

13.07.23  Home Upgrade Grant – read this bulletin to find out if you are eligible for funding to upgrade your off-grid house HUG2 WAF Poster (A4)  Bulletin

15.06.23  Hot weather and health: guidance and advice

21.12.22  HOW-TO-SURVIVE-THE-WINTER – booklet written by Gordon and Sarah Brown

23.11.22  Warm Home Discount Scheme. Government funding available for those on low income.

26.10.22  Disabled facilities grants – flyer Oct 2022

13.06.22  Cumbria County Council Cost of Living Support Leaflet  and Cost of living social toolkit

07.12.21  Electricity North West – preparing for and dealing with power cuts

06.09.21  Active Cumbria – Cumbria County Council’s information on keeping active


Eden Community Resilience Team

20.04.20  2020 04 17 Domestic Abuse Leaflet

20.04.20  2020 04 17 Family Line Information Sheet

20.04.20  2020 04 17 Silent Solution Poster  – how to alert someone to your domestic abuse