Village Greens

Murton Parish Council owns several areas of land in the parish. Some of them are classed as Registered Village Greens and are governed by legislation, some of which was laid down in the 19th Century.

The topic of Village Greens is raised regularly at Parish Council Meetings and in 2014 a Village Green Management Plan was instigated.  This is reviewed annually, usually at the August meeting. A document outlining the legal aspects of how Village Greens can and cannot be used is available below and on Parish Noticeboards.

Village Green Guidance
Managing our Village Environment – February 2021
Map of Village Green – Murton (VG7)
Map of Village Green – Hilton (VG6)

Here is the current edition of Countryside Code Full version A4 produced by Natural England.

Background on the definition of Village Greens can be found here: Village Green seminar – delegate notes