Parish Councillors

Five Councillors were nominated and elected unopposed in May 2019 and will serve for a minimum of four years.

Cllr Jack Laverty was co-opted to the Parish Council on 7 September 2020 following the retirement of Cllr Pat Laverty.

Barbara Govan (Chairman)

Brook House, Murton, CA16 6LZ      017683 51663

Debbie Hewitt

Town Foot Farm, Murton, CA16 6NA      07786 318 968

Anne King (Vice Chairman)

Felldodderers, 2 Townhead Cottages, Hilton, CA16 6LU      017683 52308

Tina Longstaff

Ascot House, Murton, CA16 6ND      017683 53651

Alastair Bell

Langton Field, Appleby-in-Westmorland, CA16 6JG      017683 51547

John McDarren

Fairview, Hilton, CA16 6LU      07554 428 002

Jack Caldwell

Swindale House, Hilton CA16 6LU      07808971272

Each Councillor has to declare any pecuniary interests they may have in property or activities in the parish. Details of the Murton Parish Councillors’ interests can be found on the Eden District Council website.

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